Physalis or Inca berries from Peru    The bright orange berries with their papery sepals known as physalis or Inca berry not only look great, they are also full of antioxidants and vitamins. The fruit is consumed mostly locally, but it has also attracted interest in the North. In Peru’s highlands a variety is cultivated with an exceptional sour-sweet […]


FAKO est une microentreprise en plein essor créée en 2007 par la jeune entrepreneure Colette Yehouenou, qui lui a donné le nom de Fako (Désaltère-toi !). Dans son garage, ainsi que dans la cour de sa maison et dans un petit atelier, une vingtaine de collaborateurs (saisonniers) transforment manuellement des fruits et des légumes en jus et sauces.   La […]

Easy Afric Designs

Located in Kampala, Easy Afric Designs Ltd. (EAD) was created in 2001 by Sarah Nakisanze, an industrial artist and teacher. With her passion for artistic creation, she sought to build an artisanal network and translate creations into industrials products for all. This led her research on the rejuvenation of the Ugandan barkcloth – a world […]


Vietnam Ecological Linkage Company Limited (Ecolink Co. Ltd.) has been a pioneer of organic agriculture and fair trade in Vietnam since 2004. With support from its parent company (Hiep Thanh Co. Ltd.) and a partner development organisation (SADAS), Ecolink has developed several organic fair trade products (which have been certified for export to the EU/America), as well as other organic vegetables. Ecolink has reliable partners in the EU for the import of organic fair trade tea and ginger from Vietnam, and a growing […]

Ayni Bolivia

Traditional handicrafts are a source of income in many Latin American countries. Ayni Bolivia is a fair-trade organisation working with 250 families of artisan producers from all over Bolivia, developing their skills and abilities to create high-quality products. Since 2002, Ayni Bolivia of La Paz has specialised in selling traditional clothes and toys that have […]


farmers. The company holds organic and Fairtrade certificates based on small-holder group certification and an operational internal control system. Its current activities include production, processing and export of organic and fair trade fresh and dried exotic tropical fruits (Cayenne pineapple, hybrid purple passion fruits, bananas, jumbo avocado, dried papaya…). DIVERSIFICATION & EDUCATION  BioUganda encourages diversification in fruit production to strengthen income […]


Wild Tracks is a Tanzanian-Norwegian safari and coffee company owned by the couple Beate Hustad Aamodt and Frank Mbise. The company was founded in 2001, and since then, Wild Tracks has grown to include a large number of employees, and organises various trips from luxury to the most modest, such as camping. Since 2014, Wild […]


Rwanda has the ideal climate for growing high-quality macadamia nuts. But since smallholder businesses primarily control production with limited technical know-how, the potential is underutilised.Ten Senses Africa (TSA) is dedicated to producing organic products thanks to Fair Trade and ethical best practices. To develop such a sustainable value chain that focusses on Fair Trade nuts […]


Entre les savanes de l’Afrique de l’Est et les vastes forêts de la région des Grands Lacs se dressent les Monts de la Lune dont les versants offrent des conditions idéales pour de nombreuses activités agricoles. C’est là, au Nord-Kivu, entre la RDC et l’Ouganda, que Gourmet Gardens, une société ougandaise basée à Kampala, a […]

Africa Coffee Academy

Established in 2007 with its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda and its country offices in Kenya and Burundi, Africa Coffee Academy is an independent source of coffee knowledge consultancy, training and direct services. ACA is a private sector-led initiative that aims to provide technical assistance to the coffee value chain to ensure compliance to international market requirements […]

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