Trade for Development Centre is a programme of Enabel, the Belgian development agency.

The story behind the tiny lanterns: the TDC supports Peruvian physalis producers

You have undoubtedly noticed them on supermarket shelves in the exotic fruit section: boxes of bright orange berries crowned by green-brown, papery sepals. Where do they come from and what is the story behind these ‘lanterns’? And where can we find organic and fair trade ones? We found answers to these questions in Colombia and Peru.

The farmers of San Pablo (Peru) show a strong commitment and great potential for development through trade, but a lack of resources. The TDC helps them to get a larger share of a sustainable commodity chain. How this story will evolve will be determined by many players in this chain, and eventually also by consumers.

The story behind the tiny lanterns

the TDC supports Peruvian physalis producers

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