Trade for Development Centre

Trade for Development Centre is a programme of Enabel, the Belgian development agency.

We believe that fair and sustainable trade are a way to decrease poverty. It gives smallholders in the South the opportunity to develop in a sustainable way. We work around three main themes: producer support, sharing information and raising awareness.


Here you will find our most recent publications in order of appearance. The last published will be in the front.

Articles (en)

KOAKAKA: Specialty coffee from Rwanda

In 2002, a number of farmer groups near the Nyungwe Forest in southwest Rwanda set up the coffee cooperative KOAKAKA. Step by step they expanded their organisation to include around 70 collection points where members bring their freshly picked berries, and two washing stations where the first steps of the process take place. With TDC’s coaching in marketing and business support, they managed to have a 69% increase in the sales price.

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Video (en)

The positive flow of coaching: cocoa producers boosting their cooperatives

Ecam, Ecamom and Necaayo are three Ivorian cocoa cooperatives who followed TDC’s marketing coaching programme. In this documentary, we follow them and their coach Christine during the final coaching sessions. The producers explain how they experienced the whole process, how their capacities were strengthened and how they see the future.

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Articles (en)

Does the future of fair trade lie in agro-ecology?

The fair trade movement has always been environmentally conscious. Yet fair trade and environmentally conscious agriculture have for a long time developed separately, without looking for parallels. However, in recent years they have gradually grown closer together and sometimes they merge completely.

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