Wassa East District Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited

The organization groups 2828 small cocoa producers in West Ghana (Wassa East District). The Union was created in 2009 and incorporated as a cooperative under Ghanaian law in 2011. The producers or farmers own their land in 90% of the cases. Farmers use the cooperative as a service center and marketing unit, but, so far, producers sell directly to a single government organization (Cocobod created in 1947), through Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs), at a price defined by the government, well under the world price. The Union is Fair Trade certified since 2012 and is very much involved in the Fair Trade activities.
The Union helps the farmers /producers but does not sell any cocoa beans so far and has no plans to do so in the next year, mainly due to the current government policy. The Union supports farmers by providing training on acceptable agriculture practices. It also selects the right approved inputs (chemicals) and does community development, and funds community development projects.
The Union is very much involved in the Fair Trade (FT) activities. These provide funding (or Premiums) to the cooperative to carry out various activities in line with Fair Trade goals.

Type steun

Business Management Coaching, Marketing coaching

Type organisatie

Producer organisation


January 2020
- December 2022
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