TDC is een programma van Enabel, het Belgisch Ontwikkelingsagentschap.

Laviskscof co-operative

Founded as a farmer-based community cooperative in 2012 and implemented in Bukoto village, Masaka district, Kabonera Sub County by Ugacof Limited and Agro Eco-Louis Bolk Institute of East Africa under the Progresso programme (registration No.9865/RCS).

The organisation is part of the washed Robusta coffee project which aims to increase profitability from coffee production through collective marketing and bulking. The organisation now has 100 fully registered members who are the main customers and stakeholders and will produce an estimated 133MT of coffee each season.

Coaching impact :

LAVISKSCOF is a young cooperative that is well positioned for growth and to expand their customer portfolio from only selling to one customer since inception. They have been able to develop a strong value proposition, a new logo, a website and a plan for the development of new marketing materials. The team have been working on developing a strategy to begin to reach out to potential new customers through email to better understand what they’re looking for in new partners.  We have also worked hard to develop a revenue recording & reporting system which will ensure the coop is able to maintain their records accurately without the risk of losing data due to missing paperwork.

Type steun

Business Management Coaching, Marketing coaching

Type organisatie



December 2019
- December 2022
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