BioUganda is a social company which guides 200 small, rural contracted farmers. The company holds organic and Fairtrade certificates based on small-holder group certification and an operational internal control system. Its current activities include production, processing and export of organic and fair trade fresh and dried exotic tropical fruits (Cayenne pineapple, hybrid purple passion fruits, bananas, jumbo avocado, dried papaya…).   


BioUganda encourages diversification in fruit production to strengthen income and food security for its workers. The company also trains farmers in a broad spectrum of areas such as livelihood improvements, gender equity and other social issues, as well as health issues like personal hygiene, AIDS prevention and control, dangers of early pregnancies to females and child-headed households.



From December 2012 to December 2013, TDC and Bio Uganda were partners for a project that aims to enhance BioUganda’s exports through a variety of training: workers training and hygiene and quality training to meet EU high-quality import standards, therefore, positioning BioUganda as a reliable trading partner. Thanks to the technical assistance, BioUganda has now strengthened its relationship with the farmers, resulting in a +100% increase in farmer sales. Moreover, since installing a second solar dryer, the dried fruits production capacity doubled in 2013 and farmers’ net income from selling to BioUganda also doubled between 2012 and 2014. 


For their second partnership between October 2014 and October 2015, BioUganda sought to carry out a capacity building programme to help its producers and workers to make the business more efficient. Centred on fair trade certification, the goal was to sensitise the staff to ethical organic farming practices to improve sustainable crop production. The main objective was then to enhance sales along with the development of branded organic and fair products. To do so, the company had to set up a promotional campaign to introduce the new brand to the markets. In the end, the project benefited the workers’ lives (healthier production and better sales) as well as the cooperative’s turnover. 

Total: 65.000,17 € all taxes included Enabel contribution: 39,372 € (66%). Other contribution: 21.907,30 € (34%). 

Achieved results:

  • Fairtrade certification BioUganda;
  • breakthrough of BioUganda’s own brand to the EU and US markets;
  • product success;
  • Increase in turnover;
  • training for 20 staff workers and 200 farmers – technical skills and know-how (health, safety, and social issues);
  • Female empowerment improvement (60% registered farmers and 95´of employees at the processing factory are women);

The third project, which took place from October 2015 to October 2017, was an extension of the previous project. This time, staff training was further developed through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as well as through weed control, soil and water management for the better quality fruits and increased quantity that are demanded by the EU and US markets. 

According to DRIS, the consultants in charge of the evaluation of the TDC,  the financial support allowed BioUganda to: 
– Develop their farmers’ skills in quality control and product traceability  
– Obtain the Fairtrade certification 
– Participate in a fair (BIOFACH) and meet new buyers 
– Improve their branding and communication skills  
– Improve export techniques and increasing knowledge/ability to access the market. 

Thanks to TDC, the company has now improved its exporting skills and expanded their market. 

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January 2009
- July 2017
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