Karangura Peak Coffee

Karangura Peak Coffee, located in Karanugra sub country, started in 2013 as a registered association and later transformed into a cooperative society in 2017, producing natural Arabica coffee. The now Fairtrade-certified cooperative was created with the support of TJX, with the central aim of tackling the low levels of education beyond the primary level in the two communities of Mount Gessi and Mahyoro. Since its inception, the cooperative has grown from 400 coffee farmers to 705 in 2021, of which 307 (43%) are women.

The cooperative is currently being coached by the TDC in marketing, financial and business management.

In parallel, Karangura Peak Coffee is benefiting from financial support in the form of a €27,000 grant, being used to:

  • improve and increase volumes of sustainable coffee production through training, the creation of a nursery and the distribution of shading trees;  
  • increase the profitability of the cooperative’s products through better marketing (logo, website, participation in international fairs, advertising, brochures, etc.); 
  • increase in memberships and shares capital;     
  • increase the sales of roasted coffee on the local market. 

Coaching impact :

Karangura has progressed well in the FIBUMA coaching further developing their systems within the organization to position them for growth. The team has been in process of developing a bankable business plan and accurate financial record keeping to effectively monitor their growth. We have developed systems to track revenue and income generated from their multiple revenue channels (green coffee, roasted coffee and input shops). This will allow them to forecast their growth in the future. The team also developed a business plan for their Savings and Credit Cooperative Society. We have worked with Karangura to negotiate terms in a partnership agreement with one of their long standing partners which will help them to gain more autonomy and position themselves for growth.

Type steun

Business Management Coaching, Financiële steun, Marketing coaching

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December 2019
- December 2022
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