VIRI – Vietnam Rural Industries and Development Institute

Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) was created in 1997 as a leading non-governmental organisation established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam to support the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam. Since 2009, it has been WFTO certified. 

The organisation aims to localise fair trade through a network of local buyers to create improved market opportunities for producers of rural industries. Currently, VIRI is present in fifty-nine of Vietnam’s sixty-three provinces and contributes to poverty reduction in rural areas. The end goal is to improve the livelihood of disadvantaged people, protect the environment, and empower women. In the coming years, VIRI will try to expand its activities to other countries in the region.  

The TDC contributed to the development of VIRI with a marketing support programme and a grant with a total budget of 54,990 from 2016 to 2017. This support was provided to allow VIRI to set up a fair trading e-commerce platform for agricultural products from Vietnam which need support in order to make a difference. 


  • Turnover growth: +68.14% 
  • Selling prices growth: +5.58% 
  • Participated at fair 
  • Certified producers: +28.65% 

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Coaching marketing

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January 2016
- January 2017
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