Mount Elgon agroforestry Communities cooperative entrerprise limited – MEACCE

MEACCE is a farmers’ organisation that came into being in 2017 following the collapse of the Gumutindo Cooperative Union.

The 3300 farmers growing coffee, banana and honey, located between 1300 and 2200 meters above sea level, mobilised and grouped together to register MEACCE in order to aggregate and export their coffee to fair trade markets. The coffee produced meets organic and Fair Trade certifications. Farmers use compost from animal and plant waste, employ ethical farming practices and processing methods that influence the quality of the cup. MEACCE offers full traceability of its coffees from farm to cup.

TDC support:

MEACCE is currently supported financially by a grant of the TDC of €29,839.29, to increase the production, the productivity and the quality of the cooperative’s coffee and improve its access to international markets, with the aim of increasing the income of MEACCE and its members. Results expected:

1- increase the productivity of coffee trees (in the field)

2- increase the coffee score to 84+ SCAA on average;

3- improve the market access.

Type steun

Appui financier

Type organisatie

Organisation de producteurs


December 2019
- December 2022
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