Asunafo Cocoa Farmers

Located within the Asunafo North Municipality, Asunafo Cocoa Farmers is among seven other cocoa farmer unions in Ghana established in 2008 after the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership celebration (now Mondelez International). In 2012, the Union became Fairtrade Certified.

Currently, the Union produces over 16,000 MT of dried cocoa beans and operates in 75 primary societies, with 9, 899 members. In line with their mission to improve women’s economic empowerment, 46% of the union members are women. What is more, women play an increasingly pivotal role in decision-making processes of the cooperative, making up a third of the board of Asunafo Cocoa Farmers.

Coaching impact :

ASUNAFO is a professional and successful cocoa union in Ghana that is moving towards establishing themselves as an LBC which will change their revenue structure and the opportunities for their members substantially. In our time working together, we have worked on developing effective financial management systems and reporting structures; developed a framework for a database which will help them to collect accurate member information required for their certification schemes (i.e. Fairtrade, Tony’s Special Premium); They have begun the framework of their bankable business plan and we are continuing to work on this. We have also discussed the framework for establishing the management framework of the new LBC which is being established.

Type steun

Coaching business management, Coaching marketing

Type organisatie

Organisation de producteurs


January 2019
- August 2022
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