Asociación de Recolectores de Cacao Silvestre Yuracare (ARCASY)

Le cacao sauvage de Bolivie Dans la partie bolivienne du bassin amazonien, et en particulier les basses terres au nord de Cochabamba, au centre du pays, vivent les Yuracaré, un peuple indigène de chasseurs et de cueilleurs. Mais, ces dernières décennies, l’habitat de cette communauté est gravement menacé par la déforestation. Avec l’aide de la […]


Created in 1997, Cumbre del Sajama is a Bolivian organisation that helps cooperatives and mining communities. The organisation offers services for socio-economic development through its team of professionals who are experts in social, legal and environmental issues related to mining. These services are provided in order to promote corporate social responsibility.  Through its activities, Cumbre del […]

Ayni Bolivia

Traditional handicrafts are a source of income in many Latin American countries. Ayni Bolivia is a fair-trade organisation working with 250 families of artisan producers from all over Bolivia, developing their skills and abilities to create high-quality products. Since 2002, Ayni Bolivia of La Paz has specialised in selling traditional clothes and toys that have […]


Created in 1991, AOPEB is an association of ecological producer organisations in Bolivia. This association supports organic producers in the development of a form of agriculture that respects the environment and the sustainable use of biodiversity, respecting international standards and the wisdom preserved by Andean-Amazonian cultures. Nowadays, AOPEB represents and works with 85 partners at […]

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