TDC is een programma van Enabel, het Belgisch Ontwikkelingsagentschap.


One of the many cooperatives in Central Ghana’s Ashanti region is the Kookoo Pa Farmers Association. The organization originated with a Dutch NGO Solidaridad program, which trained 352 farmers in sustainable production methods using the Utz standards. In 2009, the farmers decided to create an independent organization to defend their interests better. Today, approximately 8600 […]


HapaSpace was founded in 2016 as part of the response to assist young adults in the city of Kumasi to build and grow start-ups, develop skills in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Maths), and offer a co-working space. The organization supports the entire entrepreneurship journey from idea generation, pre-seed funding to business growth and scaling. HapaSpace uses ideation and 5 days booth camps for business […]

Wassa East Cocoa

Wassa East Cocoa was established in 2009 and incorporated as a cooperative under Ghanian law in 2011. The cooperative comprises of 57 primary societies, with over 3,157 small cocoa producers in West Ghana (Wassa East District), of which 1,134 are female. What is more, over 90% of the farmers are direct landowners. Farmers use the […]

Asunafo Cocoa Farmers

Located within the Asunafo North Municipality, Asunafo Cocoa Farmers is among seven other cocoa farmer unions in Ghana established in 2008 after the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership celebration (now Mondelez International). In 2012, the Union became Fairtrade Certified. Currently, the Union produces over 16,000 MT of dried cocoa beans and operates in 75 primary societies, with […]

NACFA : Nyame Akwan Citrus Farmers Association

Formed in October 2007, NACFA brings citrus farmers around Kumasi to have a familiar voice and seek good market and pricing for members. Fairtrade certified since October 2012, and the association provides help and capacity building activities to bring on-board the economically and agriculturally active members in the Ashanti region to produce citrus responsibly and […]

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