Trade for Development Centre

Trade for Development Centre is a programme of Enabel, the Belgian development agency.
We believe that fair and sustainable trade are a way to decrease poverty. It gives smallholders in the South the opportunity to develop in a sustainable way. We work around three main themes:


Here you will find our most recent publications in order of appearance. The last published will be in the front.


TDC launches call for proposals

TDC is launching a call for proposals for African MSMEs and producer organizations active in sustainable production and trade for initiatives that improve the management of their organization and access to the market. Deadline for application is September 10!

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Slow flowers

Since the 1990s, the flower industry too has been globalized. In 2013 the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) was set up with the goal that 90% of flowers traded on the international market would come from sustainable farms by 2020. The slow flower movement are tending towards an alternative approach; they are choosing to grow flowers organically and outdoors, and then using short supply chains to deliver them to their customers.

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Survey responsible consumption

The Enabel Trade for Development Center monitors developments in fair trade and sustainable trade. This survey aims to paint a picture of how Belgians consume.

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